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Parent Notes to School
If you wish to send a short note (e.g. pupil being late) to the teacher, please write the note in the Parent/Teacher Comments section in the Homework Diary. Notes of a private nature should be in a sealed envelope.

Parent-Teacher Communication
Formal Parent Teacher meetings are held in November. Parents are very welcome in our school and teachers will always make themselves available to meet you. However, we do ask you to make an appointment through Jean, our School Secretary, when you wish to see any member of staff. An appointment ensures we will be able to give you our full attention.

If there is any issue of concern, parents are earnestly requested to contact the school secretary to make an appointment to see your child's class teacher.

School Newsletter
'Update', the school newsletter is issued on a monthly basis and is given directly to the pupils. Please make sure that you get to see the newsletter as it contains important information on the school calendar and it details all activities taking place in the school. The school newsletter is usually issued on the last week of each calendar month. The newsletter is the main source of information for parents. Please ensure that your child delivers the newsletter to you.

School Web Site
The school web site is another important source of information for parents. The web site also features the school calendar, the up to date school newsletter and other items of pertinent information. In the event of possible emergency closures e.g. due to inclement weather, we attempt to post information on the web site. The website is updated on a weekly basis and is a source of school news and information for parents and children alike.

Contact Numbers
Please notify your child's teacher of any changes in contact numbers, addresses etc. so that our database can be kept up to date.

Homework Journal
The Homework Diary is used to record homework and to act as a means of communication between home and school. All notes in relation to absences from school, dental appointments, late comings, etc., should be recorded in the Diary. Teachers will communicate messages through the Diary as the occasion demands. Parents should check the Journal each day.

Cuirfear failte rnhór roirnh an Ghaeilge i Scoil Lorcan Naofa agus beidh me breá sásta gach uile ghnó a dhéanamh i nGaeilge le tuismitheoirí na scoile.

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