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Palmerstown History

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Palmerstown has a rich and fascinating past.

Here, some interesting facts about the area and its history are presented.

Did you know that Palmerstown once had a leper hospital? Ever wonder where Chapelizod got its name? Read on.

Ever Wonder Where the Name Palmerstown Originated?
Around mid 12th century a pilgrim to the Holy Land called Ailred - a Dane founded a Religious House (in connection with The Crusades) in Thomas St. It was modelled on a Jerusalem Hospital of the 12th century. The house, was first called Palmer’s Hospital but later called St. John Baptist. The name “Palmers” comes from another word for pilgrim, hence the name. This commune became merged with the Augustinian Order of Crouched Friars presided over by a Prior in caring for the sick. This hospital or house or commune got pssesssion of the lands of Palmerstown around the 12th century from the Crown.

Tristan and Isolde
6th Century
There are several versions of the Tristan and Isolde story but all agree that Tristan was a relation of the King of Cornwall. He was sent to Ireland to seek the hand of Isolde in marriage for the King. He fell in love with her himself and she with him. They didn’t marry but when he was dying Isolde set out by boat to him. Due to various nasty plots by others she didn’t get to him until he was dead. Isolde then threw herself on Tristan’s bier and died. Poems have been written on this. Richard Wagner’s Opera Tristan and Isolde is based on a German version of it. Tristan is sometimes called Tristam. Isolde is sometimes called Iseult. Isolde was Irish and the daughter of a chief whose dun, was where Stewart’s Hospital have erected their new buildings on the left side of Mill Lane. The old graveyard is on the site of a church built by her father for Isolde. From this we get the name Seipeal Iosolde or the Church of Iosolde. So Chapelizod really began down Mill Lane!

T. Wren, in his book “The Villages of Dublin”, states that the Church of Ireland Building of St. Laurence (in the village of Chapelizod) is said to stand on the site of the Chapel of Isolde.

After the Battle of the Boyne William of Orange stayed at King’s House. This is now the Industrial estate in Chapelizod.

Pobalscoil Iosolde (Palmerstown Community School) is called after Isolde. It opened in 1982.

Leperosy in Palmerstown!
The disease leprosy was brought to this country by the Crusaders and there was, somewhere between Palmerston & Chapelizod a House of lepers or leper Hospital. Incidentally Leopardstown should be Leperstown for the same reason. The leper hospital in Palmerston closed in

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